PAC TIE - (Plate Adjustable Connector)

Affixes exterior masonry veneer to a structural backing like wood or steel studs.

  1. Purposely engineered for easy surface-mounting over structural sheathing
  2. Ideal for wood frame construction where insulation is placed between studs
  3. Suitable for retrofit installations


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Pac TiePAC Ties transfer specific loads, but they are not designed to resist movement vertically, and this reduces the effectiveness for the entire wall assembly to function in a combined manner.

Using a Backer Plate, the PAC Tie is well suited for wood frame construction where insulation may not be present in the assembly. It is placed directly on an approved sheathing that is connected to the structural backing.

This connector transfers tensile and compressive lateral loads through the V-Tie, AB-Clip and Backer Plate application. Additionally, the Backer Plate distributes any concentrations of load over a large area, reducing the risk of damage to wood surfaces or structural backings.

For products that better resist movement, shear and load in cavity walls, view our Shear™Connector products.

V-Ties are available in a wide variety of standard lengths to accommodate various thicknesses of masonry veneer and cavity wall spaces.

Design measurements, specifications and regulations differ between Canada and US industries, and we accommodate for both sets of standards and regulations. Please view the appropriate regional documentation for dimensions, diagrams and specifications.

All FERO connectors and accessories include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.