Masonry Connectors for Concrete Block Back-up Walls


Fero's Break-Away™ Fire-Release Joist Connectors allow roof and floor collapse without compromising the firewall's integrity.

  1. Delays or prevents the collapse of firewalls in the event of a fire
  2. Extends fire-escape time for occupants and fire-fighting time for firemen
  3. Minimizes the damage caused by fire
  4. Maintains the structural capacity of the connection under normal service conditions


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FERO has developed and patented our Break-Away Fire-Release Systems for connecting horizontal structural components, such as open web steel joists of floor and roof systems, to firewalls through the use of a fusible member, the connector allows for displacement, complete disengagement and collapse of the structural component from the wall during a fire before any significant damage could happen in the firewall itself, thereby satisfying the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

Firewall Roof DetailAs a result firefighters have more time to prevent the spread of fire to adjacent spaces. In some cases, occupants in an adjacent room/structure would be provided with sufficient time to escape before the firewall is compromised and the fire spreads to the adjacent space.

Unlike other connectors currently on the market, our break-away connector uses a simple design that relies on only one part of the connector failing during the fire. This allows for disengagement of the structural component to occur only when required to prevent damage to the firewall, and not earlier. Other systems currently available on the market are made entirely from a fusible material.

Break-Away Fire ConnetorThe Break-Away Fire-Release Joist Connector system can be configured to your design specifications and can be manufactured as a Single, or Double Link set-up, as Roof or Floor Angle connectors or in an Extended format see the Technical Specifications for sizing and spacing options.

Extended I-Beam Connectors

Extended Fire-Release Connectors

For the connection of the firewall to steel I-Beams running parallel to the wall.

Continuous Roof and Floor Angles

Roof Angle Supports Floor Angle Support

Continuous Roof and Floor Angles are available for mounting directly onto the firewall, these angles are configured to specifications of the project engineer to suit your application exactly.

An easy-to-use Ordering Form in both Metric (CAN) and Imperial (US) measurements assists with specifying the exact connector or continuous roof or floor angles suited to your application.

FERO connectors and accessories include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.


FERO Break-Away™ Fire Release Connector: US Patents US 8,955,263; US 8,490,340; US 8,490,341; US 9,234,344. Canadian Patent CA 2,738,488. Other Patents Pending