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This site is intended to encourage state-of-the-art masonry design by offering details of critical building features that can be adapted and modified by architectural and engineering professionals to suit the particular conditions of a building, including location, use and occupancy.

These details have been developed by. Dr. Michael Hatzinikolas, Ph.D., P.Eng. (FERO Engineering), and under his direction they were drafted and compiled by Maged Abdou, NCARB, MRAIC, MAAA (MA Architecture & Interior Design). They are intended for use by qualified professionals.

The author does not warrant or assume any liability for the accuracy or completeness of these drawings or their fitness for any particular purpose or project. It is the responsibility of the user to apply professional knowledge and judgment in the use of this publication, to consult original sources, to adapt them to suit the climate, location, and other particulars pertaining to a project.

The sizes and configurations of the components and assemblies shown in the manual are for illustration purposes only, and are not intended to promote a specific product over others available on the market. The user may choose to substitute other components and assemblies where appropriate. The user should be familiar with local building practices, and the requirements of the local Building Code and Standards.

The user should carefully evaluate the effects of all structural and nonstructural environmental loads expected to act on the structure over its life expectancy. It is expected that the designer will choose appropriate components to reflect the life expectancy of the structure such as stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized ties, shelf angles, insulation, air vapour barrier, back up system etc.

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