Hold insulation firmly in place to speed up the masonry applications.

  1. Firmly restrains insulation against the air/vapour membrane
  2. Ensures proper performance of insulation
  3. Speeds up masonry construction


Batt Insulation Support

Cat TieFero's Insulation Supports are optional for all our Connectors and Ties.

The Insulation Support is optional for all Fero Systems, but they have been designed used to secure the sheet insulation in place. The Insulation Support is friction fitted over the exposed end of the Connector Plate and is itself locked in place by the V-Tie.

All the FERO Connectors and Ties use one of two designs, The Diamond Support is utilized with all Fero Holed Connectors and Ties and the Lemon Support is used with all Slotted Connectors and Tie. All supports are made of recycled polyethylene - colour may vary depending on the recycled supply.

A third support style is available for use with Batt type insulation - its larger surface area holds the batt in place without compressing the insulation.

V-Ties secure the insulation supports in place and are available in a wide variety of standard lengths to accommodate various thicknesses of masonry veneer and cavity wall spaces.

When you specify insulations supports needed - the appropriate design will be shipped for your system.

All FERO connectors and accessories include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.