Masonry Connectors for Thin Stone Veneers



Dr Mike HatzinikolasDr. Michael Hatzinikolas (Dr. Mike) is one of Canada’s eminent experts in masonry, and he remains a thought leader on the global landscape. Mike is a structural engineer who progressed through advanced research in masonry, achieving both his M.Sc and Ph.D degrees, respectively, through the discipline.

For 25 years, Mike has been at the forefront of the industry, serving as the Executive Director of the Canadian Masonry Research Institute (CMRI), offering support, advice, expertise and leadership in the growth and progression of the masonry discipline and knowledge base nationwide.

Today, Mike serves as an adjunct professor of the Civil Engineering program at the University of Alberta. To date, he has published over 120 research papers and technical manuals, and he co-authored four textbooks in masonry design, the most recent of which was published in 2006. See Publications. →

Additionally, Mike has published technical details for exterior wall assemblies of varying sorts. He has also pioneered software programs for designing load-bearing masonry walls, masonry beams, slender walls and shear walls with openings. These and other software programs are available for use along with the purchase of FERO engineered products.

FERO is a living expression of Mike’s ongoing pursuit, bringing to market the discoveries in his research and providing engineers, architects and contractors the means to stabilize structures with the highest levels of innovative, cost-effective products possible.

Mike is open to discussing any questions relating to technical details or applications of FERO connectors or accessories. Contact Us to get in touch.