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FERO connectors and ties reduce shear, load and displacement in assemblies by transferring force through these tools.


FERO connectors and ties help to reduce wall widths, wall weight and construction materials, reducing overall building costs while increasing usable space.


FERO connectors, ties and accessories include complete documentation. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Some products require only one trade to install, reducing labour costs.


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FERO Corporation has set the standard for innovation introducing sound products based on deep understanding of wall systems and developed through meticulous research.

Dr. Alaa Elwi, Ph.D., P.Eng – Professor of the University of Alberta

We manufacture a wide range of engineered, vertical and lateral, masonry support systems that meet and exceed the requirements of the building codes in both Canada and the United States.

FAST — Shelf Angle Support SystemS

FAST BracketOur unique veneer vertical support technology includes the original FAST - FERO Angle Support Technology bracket and three additional bracket styles to address special needs and requests from building designers and builders. Every style meets the building code and not only offer faster and easier installation of shelf angles - they also enable continuous insulation behind the shelf angle maximizing the energy efficiency of the building.

FAST Kintel BracketOwners and architects wanted clean window and door openings in the masonry veneer so that they are ready to receive frames without excessive preparation and FERO responded by producing the FAST Lintel Bracket and Modified Shelf Angle.

FAST Bracket Type TwoWhen you require a shelf angle to be flush with the foundation wall, we have a FAST system for that — the FAST Bracket - Type II.

FAST Extended BracketAnd when the design requires that the masonry veneer start below the floor level we responded with FAST - Extended Shelf Bracket, a completely customized bracket that can be manufactured to satisfy your building specifications.

No matter what building enclosure system you are using, we have high quality and durable products to help you build it faster and more economical – with superior performance.

Connectors for Concrete Block Back-Up

Block Shear ConnectorFor Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Back-Up Walls use the Block Shear Connector system to optimize the design of the building enclosures by making them behave like shear trusses. Your wall system will be more cost-effective and you will limit displacement under lateral loads.

To consider composite action, the masonry system must be suitably designed. Use the FERO Shear Truss (Composite Wall Design) software program to evaluate forces in the assembly, available as a free download - Download the FERO Shear Truss Program

Slotted Block TieIf your building is multi-story or a high-rise with a full height masonry veneer, we recommend the use of our Slotted Block Tie Type I or Slotted Block Tie Type II systems. These systems accommodate large differential movements (up to 60 mm or 2.4 inches for Type II) between the backing wall and masonry veneer. Both types of block systems are embedded in the CMU wall during construction.

Connectors for Steel Stud Back-Up

Stud Shear ConnectorFor Steel Stud Back-Up Walls we specifically developed side-mounting tie systems that offer higher corrosion protection for fasteners and to increase tie resistance by placing the fasteners under shear rather than direct tension.

Slotted Stud Tie Type 1Similar to block connectors, two types of 3-inch (75 mm) deep steel stud connectors are available: Holed Stud Shear Connector if shear truss action is desired and Slotted Stud Tie - Type I or Type II to accommodate large differential movements.

Slotted Side Mounted RAP Tie For single-storey and low-rise steel stud buildings and when lateral loads acting on the veneer are generally low, the 2-in deep holed Side-Mounting RAP Tie or the Slotted Side-Mounting RAP Tie could be adequate.

Connectors for Wood Stud or
Poured Concrete Back-Up

RAP TieWhen framing with Wood Stud Back-Up Walls or you need a tie that you could fasten directly to structural sheathing panels or Poured Concrete Back-Up Walls, the 2-inch (50 mm) deep RAP Tie is what you need. In most cases, one screw is sufficient to secure the RAP Tie in place.
Like our other engineered systems, both holed RAP Tie and Slotted RAP Tie configurations are available offering the maximum in-situ adjustability.

Heavy Duty RAP TieIf the veneer could experience high lateral loads and surface-mounting to the structural sheathing is either desirable (for convenience and speed) or needed (as in the case of restoration projects), then use the 3-inch deep holed Heavy-Duty RAP Tie or Slotted Heavy-Duty RAP Tie systems.

Slotted Side Mounted RAP TieIf you like a lighter tie system and want the benefits of side mounting systems (higher fastener corrosion protection and increased tie resistance), you could have it all by selecting either the holed Side-Mounting RAP Tie or the Slotted Side-Mounting RAP Tie system.

PAC TieThe surface-mounting PAC Tie system is most suitable for new construction and renovation of Residential Wood Frame buildings where insulation is typically placed between the wood studs after the sheathing has been put in place.

Connectors for Insulated Concrete Form Back-Up

Insulated Concrete FormIf you have designed a back-up wall of concrete poured in Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF construction) FERO has developed the ICF Masonry Veneer Tie for easy and accurate positioning of connectors in ICF construction.

Connectors for Hollow Structural Steel

CAT TieTo secure masonry veneer over Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) framing, you need to use FERO surface-mounting CAT Tie system.


LAT TieIn jurisdictions where seismic loads are high, the veneer is sometimes required to have a single wire joint reinforcement mechanically attached to the masonry tie. The Lateral Tie-Clip system is used with our uniquely configured V-Tie to satisfy this requirement.

Corrugated Strip TieIn addition to the wide selection of Engineered Ties, we also manufacture Prescriptive Ties/Anchors compliant with the requirements of the Canadian standards and the American codes. Unlike the plethora of non-compliant corrugated connectors currently sold on the market, FERO offers truly compliance alternatives: the Prescriptive Corrugated Strip Tie for the Canadian market and the Corrugated Sheet-Metal Anchor for the American market.

Connectors for Special Veneers

Thin Stone Veneer ConnectorIf you love the look of Thin Stone Veneers and have developed engineered support systems for securing them to concrete and CMU backing walls. For thin natural or manufactured stone including granite, we recommend the adjustable Thin Stone Veneer Support.


Rubble STone ConnectorThe Rubble Stone Veneer Support was developed to facilitate adequate lateral support for rubble masonry veneer which, unlike brick or concrete block veneer, does not have a modular pattern.


New Product Introduction

Break-Away Fire ConnectorBreakaway Fire-Release Joist Connectors address a growing concern with ceiling and floor joist collapse compromising firewall integrity when fully involved in a fire. ... more about Fire-Release Joist Connectors →


FERO's unparalleled commitment to the construction and engineering communities, and our publication of advanced research brings our discoveries to the greater body of work worldwide. ... more about FERO →

When you choose a FERO Engineered Construction Technology you have the knowledge that all systems have been tested, certified and proven in the field to perform as specified.