FAST Angle Support Technology

FAST™ – (Fero Angle Support Technology)

Our FAST™ System is a unique approach to shelf angle installations.

FAST Shelf Angle Support
Slotted FAST Angle Support
  1. Easy installation by single trade
FAST Shelf Angle Support - II
Slotted FAST Angle Support
  1. Creates a flush option at the foundation
FAST Modified Angle Lintel Shelf Support
Slotted FAST Angle Support
  1. Creates clean window and door openings
FAST Extended Bracket
Slotted FAST Angle Support
  1. Supports veneer below the floor level
FAST I-Beam Bracket
Slotted FAST Angle Support
  1. Supports veneer at base of I-Beam
  1. Takes less time than other angle support methods
  2. Lower cost (up to 50% less) than other comparable systems
  3. Enables the use of readily available angles
  4. Can be installed by one trade
  5. Ensures consistent corrosion resistance


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The FAST™ (FERO Angle Support Technology) system was devised to meet a demand for building technology that offers fast, low-cost, and effective shelf angle installations. When compared to alternative offset shelf angle supports, such as gusset plates, the FAST system requires a fraction of the time to install and is proven to be more economical and buildable, and better performing. In fact, the supply and installation cost for the FAST system is about 50% less than other support systems.

With the FAST system, the size of the shelf angle remains the same, and the supporting brackets vary in size to accommodate a wide range of design cavity widths. The FAST system uses a 100 x 100 x 6 mm (4″ x 4″ x 1/4″) angle which is readily available from local suppliers, and less expensive than using larger non-standard angles.

The FAST™ System also includes a Type II Shelf Angle Support for applications requiring a flush shelf support and a Modified Angle Lintel Shelf Support for above wall openings. The Modified Angle Lintel Shelf Support creates a clean reveal on the underside of openings ready for installation of window or door framing all with the ease of installation of our existing FAST System.

And when the design requires that the masonry veneer start below the floor level we responded with a FAST - Extended Shelf Bracket, a completely customized bracket that can be manufactured to satisfy your building specifications.

Our newest product development is the FAST - I-Beam Shelf Bracket, designed for building constructed with steel columns and beams that require shelf angles to support the cladding.

Thoroughly tested and proven both in the laboratory and the field, the pre-engineered FAST System is used to support dead load from:

• Masonry veneer
• Thin granite veneer
• Pre-cast concrete
• Large stone panels
• And more!

FASt Bracket

All the FAST Systems utilize a series of patented anchor bolts, brackets, shim plates, wedge shims and retaining pins.

Brackets are fastened to anchor bolts, and shelf angles are inserted into the brackets. Shimming may be required to achieve the proper angle and position.

The FAST System provides accurate and permanent placement of the angle installation without compromising the air/vapour barrier, and is simple enough in the installation to be performed by one person.

The FAST System was built on the understanding that any shelf angle’s point load lies near the edge of the angle. For more information on the maximum heights permitted on bracket spacings, please review the technical documentation.



All FERO connectors and accessories include complete documentation with descriptions, technical illustrations and images. Installation requirements and methods are clearly detailed.